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Product Name Screen Printing
Series Mobile
Product Description

This is a printing technology by which a screen mesh such as silk fabrics is pegged on a screen frame and print out through the screen mesh holes using the screen board that covers the part not to be printed.


This is a printing technology by which a clothe like silk fabric is pegged on the screen frame and the ink is put over the screen board on which all the part not to be printed are covered with paper patterns or glues so as to print out through the screen texture to be pressed with a squeegee.


Since the surface of the board is flexible and the intensity pressure is little, it is so easy to print on hard surfaces or curved faces that it could be used in printing on any materials including glasses, ceramic wares, metals and the like. It is also widely used in the industrial fields as the printing layer is thick enough.

Applied Fields

Ad and decorative materials including posters, large signboards, clothes, toys, cosmetics cases and so forth. Electronic appliances including thick film IC, printed circuit boards, resistors, LCDs and so forth. Mass production list of screen printing at Iljin Optec

Mass Production List of screen Printing at ILJIN OPTEC

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