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Product Name Prism
Series Mobile
Product Description

Prism is a pillar-shaped optical device made of glasses or crystals to make the light dispersed or bended.


It should be transparent and have more than two optical planes that can make lights bended with at least one pair of sides shouldn't be in parallel and the elements of the prism should be different from the reflection ratio of the air so as to create the phenomenon of rainbow dispersions by bending lights.


When the light is transmitted through the prism, a various kind of light spectrums can be obtained and when the light is reflected to the prism, a various kind of light routes can be formed in accordance to the form of prism by using the internal light reflections.

Applied Fields

Spectroscope that analyzes the structure and properties of the material that gets the light released and absorbed. Binoculars, periscopes and telescopes that take advantages of the light's characteristic of internal reflection.

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