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Product Name Band Pass Filter
Series Mobile
Product Description

This is a coating technology that raises the transmission rate in certain spectral bands, and selectively allows or prevents a wave to penetrate.


This is a vacuum thin film deposition technology that selectively allows or prevents the transmission ratio of certain spectral bands through the interference radiance by repeatedly coating the product with high and low reflection agents with a vacuum thin film deposition machine.


By selectively allowing or preventing certain waves in the visible rays(400~700nm) to penetrate, a various kind of color filters can be realized. By blocking the near infrared rays of 206~400nm, it can be used as a UV cut filter and by blocking the near infrared rays of 750~1,550nm, it can be used as a IR cut filter.

Applied Fields

Depending on the range of spectral waves transmitted or blocked, it can be used in various fields including camera filters, medical, optical, military optics and so forth.

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