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Product Name
Model EVM
Series Package Type Pump
Product Description

- Home/building water supply 
- Boiler feed water
- Cooling water supply
- Pressure delivery in hilly areas
- Fire fighting
- Cooling water supply and cleaning for machines 
- Circulating cooling and hot water

- Vertical structure, allowing for a smaller installation space than a lateral multi-stage pump with the same performance
- No need for disassembly of the pump when replacing the mechanical seal. The top-pull-out structure allows for disassembly and assembly of the pump without dismantling the tube.
- Advanced press processing technology applied, which guarantees high efficiency and energy reduction
- Suction and discharge tubes are the inline type, which allows for easy-to-construct tubes. A round flange is applied to all models, which prevents any leakage due to tube stress.

- Capacities : To 102 ㎥/hr
- Heads : To 270 m 
- Design pressures : 16, 25, 30 Bar
- Impeller type : Closed
- Temperature range : -15 ~ 120℃

Submersible Type Pump