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    HC 200

    Product Description

    Most practical carton packaging machine for small and medium sized lots at a low cost 

    HC 200 is continuous motion, horizontal cartoner for small and medium size production. The main drive mechanism includes a servo drive that allows for accurate operation with a minimum of maintenance. The cartoner can function at speed up to 200 cartons per minute. The HC 200 has superior design that provides for quick tooling changes with minimal downtime between runs. The functionality of the machine results in high efficiency at a truly economical cost. The production process is fully controlled by PLC control system with touch screen that makes production management and operations very simple. This cartoning machine has designed both servo and mechanical driven for the main working stations. This combination assures to increasing of operation speed and reducing maintenance time including tool changeover. The HC 200 comes with a smart control system for flexible machine control and monitoring. This remote control can be operated by smart mobile phone and/or tablet PC from anywhere in the plant. It offers rapid recognition of machine condition without direct machine viewing on touch screen. Additionally the touch screen trouble shooting page is linked to operating manual and electrical diagrams for prompt resolution.

    ㆍMaximum 200 cartons per minute
    ㆍIndustrial standard PLC control system
    ㆍPackML programming 
    ㆍGMP compliant design
    ㆍCombination of servo and mechanical driven
    ㆍTwo(2) head rotary carton feeder
    ㆍFast tool change over
    ㆍ21 CFR part 11 ensure (Option)

    HOONGA Cartoner HC 200

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