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Product Name Reducing Tee
Model DN20x13~DN60x50
Series HI-DR Joint (Small Diameters)
Product Description


Histen HI-DR Joints for small diameter pipe(DN13~60) are desinged to maximize flow with minimum pressure loss. 
Specially designed rubber packing perfectly prevents leakage of fluid and teeth grip ring prevents pipe breakaway under condition of ground subsidence, high pressure or any external force. 
Stainless steel body and parts, applied unique solution heat treatment technology, have 2 times higher corrosion resistance and strength than ordinary stainless steel products.
HI-DR Joint can be connected between different types of pipes simply without welding and heavy tools.

Technical data

HISTEN Reducing Tee DN20x13~DN60x50

HISTEN Reducing Tee DN20x13~DN60x50 1

HISTEN Reducing Tee DN20x13~DN60x50 2

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