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Product Name Vera Shape™
Series Aesthetic Products
Product Description

Vera Shape™

· Optimized powerful treatment for body slimming and facial care
· Strong vacuum massage(580mmHg) and multi-polar RF energy(0.5MHz)
· 5” LCD and touch panel combined system and convenient user interface


The Vera Shape provides a powerful 0.5MHz multi-polar RF and 580mmHg strong vacuum massage with the various levels.
The Vera Shape is ideal for body and skin total care treatment as aesthetic solution device.

Powerful RF

The multi-polar RF technology of Vera Shape generates deep heat into the target area of the body which promotes body metabolism and expedites blood circulation in the body.
Vera Shape is very safe because 0.5MHz multi-polar RF affects only for the target parts of the body.
Three different handpieces can be used according to the target parts of the body. Powerful RF output lets it quickly reach the maximum temperature for the treatment and shorten the treatment time.

Powerful Suction

It uses a powerful vacuum suction up to 580mmHg.

 Powerful LED

The 610nm LED delivers red visible light into the target area of the skin.
It has good effects whitening, inflammation, and rejuvenation on skin.

HIRONIC Vera Shape™


Easy for Maintenance

˚ The RF cream vessel is mounted separately on the exterior.
˚ No need to clean any interior parts of the device after treatment. 

Ergonomically Designed Handpieces

˚ 3 types of handpiece according to the parts of the body
˚ Selectively use for body and face
˚ Ergonomic design for users
˚ Ensure to reduce user’s inconvenience during treatment 

User-friendly Interface and 5” LCD

˚User-friendly 5” LCD and touch panel combined system.
˚ Easy on the eyes and intuitive to use even for beginners. 

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