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  • HB Engineering

    HB Engineering

    About Supplier

    In 1972 HB Engineering developed the industrial assimilator the first in Korean history, still now we have all kinds of assimilator-related patent as the leading company for industrial assimilator, and we are providing high-efficiency and super-precise production facilities (vacuum agi mixer, pulverulent body-powder mixer etc) by constant research & development and effort.

    Also we are providing all production facilities appropriate to products by consulting for facilities of the desirable product. (including GMP suitable facility)

    #105, Bangchuk-ro, Dong-gu, Incheon, Korea

    Product List

    For Laboratory

    Multi Mixer
    Vacuum Agi Homo Mixer
    Vacuum Homo Mixer
    Super Mixer
    Vacuum Agi Line Power Mixer
    Planetary Mixer

    Production Facilities

    Homo Mixer
    Vacuum Agi Line Power Mixer
    Vacuum Agi Homo Mixer
    Line Homo Mixer
    Combi Mixer
    Super Mixer
    Ekato Homo Mixer
    Planetary Mixer

    Neo Cooker

    Cheese Cooker