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Harex SILVER-2015 is a large concrete block machine that can produce concrete bricks, hollow and solid blocks, pavers, and other concrete materials for construction, landscaping and civil engineering.



The machine consists of two parts: main machine with primary filling box for base mix, and face mix device with secondary filling box for fine surface layer. With face mix device, a variety of products with beautiful colored face layer can be produced.

The machine frame is a sturdy structure made of section steel.

Wear-resistant slide bushings are used in the sliding metal bearings of the guide pillars that guide the moving of mould and compaction head.

Power locks are used in the linking parts, which reduce wear and make repair and replacement easier.

Double-sliding metal bearings are mounted on two guide pillars so that mould and compaction head move smoothly without error.


Filling System:

Proportional control

An encoder system adopted for precise distance control

Filling box moves by means of powerful hydraulic cylinder with shock-reducing device, and its speed can be adjustable by valve.

Filling box has special guiding device of double structure, on which filling box is freely suspended. Since the vibration is not transmitted to the filling box, the wear of the filling box is greatly reduced.

Four main shafts and sliders

Proportional control valve that can control hydraulic speed via control touch-screen

A lifting device driven hydraulically is installed for raising and lowering filling box when low-height blocks are produced.

The primary fill box can be detached from and attached to (motor-driven) main machine for maintenance, and automatic locking device is used (by air cylinder).

An agitator, moving back and forth up to 200 mm and driven by hydraulic cylinder, is installed to facilitate the filling of material into mould.

A scraper driven by pneumatic cylinder is installed in the filling box.



An integrated vibration table with powerful vibration motors (22 kW x 2 (30 HP x 2)

The vibration motor is of servo type. The rpm can be freely adjusted automatically, and the maximum rpm of 3,600 allows high-frequency vibration.

The centrifugal force of the vibrator can be easily adjustable, the increase or decrease in amplitude is possible, and the rpm of the vibrator can be made infinitely variable.

The mechanical synchronization of vibrators transmits vibration to the table so that the vibration can be distributed evenly to any part of the vibration table.



Mould is mounted to the compaction frame by pneumatic air-bag clamping system.

Stripping synchronization by means of four pillars (compaction part, mould)

Two synchronized gears reduce the dimensional difference on both sides of blocks.

Two hydraulic synchronization brakes for compaction part can be installed.

Pressure adjustment valve on the compact part

The maximum centrifugal force of the two compaction head vibrators is& 1,040 kP in normal frequency.


Hdraulic Device:

Oil pump and driving part including motor are installed separately, and oil heater is installed on the hydraulic tank.

Pilot valve

Two pressure selection stages are available for cylinder operation.

Necessary piping and valves are included.

Oil tank ventilator, oil temperature indicator, oil level indicator, oil filter for preventing contamination<

Oil cooler is installed on the pipeline through which oil returns to the tank. A compulsory ventilation fan controlled by temperature sensor is also installed. A separator oil pump is installed on the oil cooler.


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