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“Han-Sung Electronic Co. is strong basic technique”

First of all, we would like to sincere thank you, our customer for your constant support and encouragement, to our Han-Sung Electronics Co.

We have been specializing in powder brake, power clutch, E.P.C., and all kind Tension controller, Nothing is more important in Han-Sung Electronics Co. than the foundation technique.

Our Han-Sung Electronics Co. has established firm foundation technique using the long experiences and advanced technique of the basic principle, also created through professional craftsmanship. Our Han-Sung Electronics Co. invested that all product are automatic line system for improvement of good quality.

We are expanding to make Han-Sung Electronics Co. the best company in the global market, In order to overcome the intense competition of the inside and outside of the country, we need your guidance and encouragement.

And so, we believe that producing better quality product is the best way to show our appreciation for your interests and encouragement.

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