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Product Name Ultraviolet Rays Sterilizer (32liters)
Model HU-4030
Series Ultraviolet Rays Sterilizer
Product Description

HANSHIN MEDICAL 32 liters HU-4030


1. This sterilizer is designed to sterilize the medical instruments and materials conveniently and economically using the ultraviolet rays with the most effective germicidal wave length of 253.7㎚ and dry heat of 120℃. 

2. The ultraviolet rays has different characteristics according to its kind of wavelength, and each has a usable functions. Among them the ultraviolet of wavelength 250㎚~260㎚ has strong germicidal ability.

3. The germicidal lamp generates effectively and sufficiently the ultraviolet rays of wavelength 253.7nm having strongest germicidal effect among the class of ultraviolet rays, and realizes an excellent sterilizing power, moreover almost no change is remained after irradiation to the materials differently from the sterilization method such as the chemicals and dry heating, and provides the advantages of low cost and convenience for sterilization.

4. The germicidal lamp inside this sterilizer emits the short wave UV radiation. Exposure to direct or reflected UV light can cause severe damage to the eyes and skin. Never look into an illuminated UV lamp without proper eye protection.

5. 3 kinds of the mixed cycle with dry-heat and UV sterilization process and a UV sterilization cycle are embedded in these sterilizers, therefore the user can select a proper cycle easily according to the items to be sterilized and can change the parameters of basic cycles at user's pleasure if needed for handling a special sterilization requirement with flexibility. 

6. All the processes of a cycle progress automatically by the controls equipped with a microprocessor, and the user can check the state of cycle progressing including the actual chamber temperature and the remaining time of cycle etc. in real time on the LED panel digitally. 

7. If an error has occurred during operating the sterilizer, the error code is displayed on the LED panel accompanying an audible alarm by the self-diagnosis function of control part.



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