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Product Name 108 liters
Model HD-5610C, HS-5610
Series Incubator & Dry Heat Sterilizer
Product Description

HANSHIN MEDICAL 108 liters HD-5610C, HS-5610


This unit allows to remove the economical burden to buy the incubator separately because it has the two functions of dry-heat sterilizer and incubator. Sterilizing and incubating mode has 5 kinds of cycle program provided in each mode to operate conveniently, and it realized the effective temperature control and power-saving effect at once by adopting the precise PID control method. 

The chamber temperature is almost even because the chamber is heated from the four walls simultaneously and internal air is circulated by a fan forcibly. A sudden temperature change hardly occurs due to the external fresh air flown into the chamber is already preheated. 

The error code is displayed on the monitor, the audible alarm is generated and the executing cycle is aborted automatically for safety when an error has been occurred, and the actual temperature and remaining time of each process are displayed on the monitor during operating.



HANSHIN MEDICAL 108 liters HD-5610C, HS-5610 1

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