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Long-distance Multi-function Fumigation/Extermination Truck

Rotation FRP Fumigation Ventilation Ducts in the Shape of Human Joints

Omnidirectional Rotation Ventilation Ducts
Versatile, customized vehicles and option selection
Easy reel work because of the installed electric automatic coil equipment

Omnidirectional Rotation Ventilation Ducts

- Uses rotational FRP fumigation ventilation ducts in the shape of human joints Wide-range sprayablebending ventilation equipment
- Can be sprayed in all directions from the desired angle in one movement
- Rotating 180 degrees left and right, 360 degrees up and down, spraying downward on the sides of rivers, spraying upward onto the rooftops of sheds and stables, spraying downward on disease and insect pests have the best effect for extermination

Low-noise super powerful engine

Exhibits powerful extermination performance because it is equipped with a world-famous US Kohler engine, noise made when operated minimal,
Comfortable extermination and fire-extinguishing work thanks to the separate ventilation engine installed,
maximum engine life among comparable products of similar horsepower 

Up-Down-Left-Right 360-Degree Minute Nozzle Spraying

Ensures omnidirectional spraying distance of over 30M using the axial fan drive and double bending ducts
Ensures various areas of operation, such as fumigation, water sprinkling, and fire extinguishing thanks to the application of an all-in-one gun nozzle 

Customer-customized categories of lower parts of vehicles

Low-center design 
- Achieves supreme stability thanks to the low-center design of the chemicals tank and the tires with improved ground clearance

Easy reel work because of the installed electric automatic coil equipment 
- Long-distance sprinkling made possible thanks to the composition of the separate hose reel equipment
- Long-distance water supply and sprinkling made possible thanks to the installed 100M hose


High extermination efficiency

Selective use thanks to the wide array of attached spray nozzles. Efficient extermination work thanks to the installation of minute nozzles and gun nozzles. 
Various extermination works can be carried out. (Roadside trees, Al, foot-and-mouth disease, field crops, etc.) 


Reduction of manpower as a one-person operation and swift fumigation work

Can be run and operated by one person using the wired/wireless (optional) control equipment 
Extermination possible over a broad range thanks to its top-notch maneuverability and 4-wheel drive 


Versatile, customized vehicles and option selection

1-ton, 2.5-ton/king cap, double cap – various vehicle options are available
Whether freeze and rupture prevention equipment (heat rays), tire sterilizers, front water sprinkling, rear work camera, anti-freeze, circulation equipment, or the like, we can increase convenience based on the customer’s selection and perform work efficiently in the winter season


Ventilation duct for which we have applied for a patent

The ventilation ducts, made of rotational FRP materials that are shaped like human joints, can easily be operated with a button to move up, down, left, right, or even down to spray chemicals from a wide variety of angles. 


American Kohler engine installed

The reputable horsepower and outstanding torque durability of Kohler’s Command, Magnum and K-series engines are designed and developed based on CAD/CAM and produced with the finest manufacturing processes.

HANA SS Vehicle All-In-One Model, 1000L, 2000L HAB-Series

HANA SS Vehicle All-In-One Model, 1000L, 2000L HAB-Series 1


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