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Speed Sprayer (SS Tractor)

Top-grade performance even in the worst conditions

Excellent center of gravity-minimal wear in tracks and machine 
Increase durability and improve safety with broad track width 
Easy to control-pressured steering system

- Equipped with the biggest crawler tracks in Korea, the tractor delivers extraordinary performance under extreme conditions
- Crawler tension buffer system (patented)
- Driver collision buffer system installed (patented)
- Excellent center of gravity-minimal wear in tracks and machine 
- Increase durability and improve safety with broad track width 
- Reduce wear on machine while making sharp turns with the installation of long tracks 
- The wet clutch and wet brake system improves the vehicle’s driving performance and increases durability
- Easy to control-pressured steering system 


Sophisticated structure and compact design 

The vehicle maintains high performance even in the worst conditions like dense tree trunks and low-lying locations. 


Best power and outstanding driving performance

The internationally-renowned Kohler engine improves the performance and increases the machine’s durability 
The driving system that emphasizes durability 
- *3-level tandem system - Hana’s unique system makes it easy for the vehicle to drive through uneven locations. 
- *Precise weight balance - The strategic weight distribution of the vehicle minimizes the wear on tracks 
- *Use of long tracks - The wide touchdown reduces the wear on tracks and increases the machine’s touchdown performance. 


Melting and gold plated coating technology 

Using permanent melting and gold plated coating technology to prevent erosion


Perfect extermination system and 50HP (maximum 61 HP) Hyundai car engine

Ventilation system based on mechanical ventilation motion connected clutch and the power of 50HP Hyundai car engine makes perfect extermination possible. 
- We are proud of our zero malfunction rate and superior internal design. 
- Achieved high extermination performance with zero loss of motion.
- Capability to adjust the amount of micro spraying particles by one touch


Ceramic mobile nozzle and 3-level strainer

With the ability to control the size of spray particles, the problem of nozzle blockage is eliminated.


Pleasant and comfortable driving environment

With the installation of centrally-focused power lever and dashboard, the driver’s seat has been expanded to include more space. The driver will be able to move more naturally and drive in a more comfortable environment. 


Cutting-edged motion transfer equipment

The fluid start up performance and the use of permanent direct connect road motion transmission system eliminates problems that could cause malfunctions. 


Ultra wide-angled Corolla and wide-radius Trackrolla 


The convenient driving performance and flexible steering of HST continuous variable transmission


Equipped with Kohler engine

The reputable horsepower, outstanding durability of Kohler’s Command, Magnum and K-series engines are designed and developed based on CAD/CAM and manufactured with the finest technology.

HANA SS Track model, 1000L HA-1000CM

HANA SS Track model, 1000L HA-1000CM 1


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