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Speed Sprayer (SS Tractor)

More flexible and powerful NEW Cabin-style SS Tractor

Compact design and flexible rear window (First in Korea)
Best view with spacious and comfortable driver’s seat 
Equipped with rear camera and rear alarm

- Official Selection of Good Design (GD) Product -Korea Institute of Design Promotion 
- New and beautiful design with convenience and usability improvements. 
- Compact design and flexible rear window (First in Korea)
- Best view with spacious and comfortable driver’s seat 
- Work in a pleasant environment with cooling and heating system (First in Korea)
- The impressive power of the 65HP Turbo Intercooler
- A perfect 750 mm extermination system based on high-tension aluminum pan 
- 4-wheel-drive, 4-wheel-steer and side brake system (First in Korea)
- 5-speed forward, 1-speed backward, 2-speed secondary transmission system; driving techniques same as cars
- Equipped with rear camera and rear alarm
- 4-wheel-steering check window lower part design (First in Korea)


Strong Power

The first vehicle in Korea to be loaded with high-output turbo intercooler diesel engine-increase output by 15%


1000L High-capacity SS Tractor

Extermination work time reduced in half! Spend the rest of your valuable time in other areas.


Cutting-edged Driving System

The operation of long-diameter wide-angled tire and side brake makes it easy to perform extermination work after rain.
- First in Korea to develop and install the synchro-mesh transmission system in SS tractors
- this system allows the vehicle to change speed while driving. 


Compact and beautiful design

Reducing the bulkiness of 1000L SS tractors to the size of 600L SS tractors, making it easy for the tractor to work in the middle of trees.


Comfortable and convenient equipment

Equipped with hose reel and suction filtration bottles for work at locations where extermination is difficult, the problem of nozzle blockage is easily resolved. Equipped with air conditioners, heater, air filter and car audio system, the working environment of the tractor is greatly improved.


Cutting-edge electric coating technology

Using permanent melting and gold plated coating technology to prevent erosion


Perfect extermination system and 65HP Hyundai car engine

Ventilation system based on mechanical ventilation motion connected clutch and the power of 65HP Hyundai car engine makes perfect extermination possible.


Ceramic mobile nozzle and 3-level strainer

With the ability to control the size of spray particles, the problem of nozzle blockage is eliminated. 


Equipped with Hyundai diesel engine

Manufactured with strong and reputed horsepower and designed based on the newest CAD/CAM, the Hyundai diesel engine is developed using the best technology in Korea and manufactured with the finest technology. 

HANA SS NEW Cabin-style SS (1000L) HA-1000SCAⅡ

HANA SS NEW Cabin-style SS (1000L) HA-1000SCAⅡ 1


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