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  • Goldline Tech

    Centork Positioners Applications
    Pneumatic Positioners

    Product Description

    Goldline Tech Centork Positioners Applications

    Product List

    Electric Actuators

    Modular Design: Any Application in Our Hand
    Electric Actuator Controls
    Centork Electric Actuator Features
    480 Series
    Centork Electric Actuators Range
    Centork Digital Actuators
    400/470 Series
    Centork Digital Actuators
    460/470 Series
    Centork Integral Control Unit
    Centork.Especialists in Valve Actuation

    Pneumatic Actuators

    Centork Quarter Turn Pneumatic Actuators, Single Acting
    Centork On/Off Linear Pneumatic Actuators
    Linear and Quarter Turn Actuators Special Solutions
    Sirca Pneumatic Rotary Actuators
    Centork Quarter Turn Pneumatic Actuators, Double Acting
    Centork Proportional Linear Pneumatic Actuators with Characterizable Cam
    Centork Linear Pneumatic Actuators
    Centork Modulating Linear Pneumatic Actuators with External Spring
    Centork Quarter Turn Pneumatic Actuators

    Special Actuators

    Hydraulic and Pneumatic Actuators
    4HO/4PO Series
    Anticorrosive Polyamide Multivoltage Electric Actuators

    Pinch Valve

    Technical Specification
    Prema-Service Pinch Valves

    Pneumatic Positioners

    Centork Quarter Turn and Linear Positioner Characteristics
    Centork Linear Positioner
    Centork Rotary Positioners
    Centork Positioners Options / Accesories
    Centork Positioners Applications