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Product Name Mammography
Model MX-600
Series Medical Product
Product Description


MX-600 is designed compactly for easy install and operation.


Auto Standard Positioning system (ASP)
With Auto Standard exposure Positioning systems designed to maximize the convenience of radiography, you can easily adjust positioning by using standard exposure (RCC, LCC, RMLO, LMLO). ASP function makes operators easy to execute 4 axis exposures by software programming. One-touch button controls 4 standard positions (RCC, LCC, RMLO, LMLO) using C-Arm pre-set adjustment (MedioLaterral, Oblique view and CranioCaudal view). The ISO level can adjust the level of MX-600 standing position when it operates from vertical exposure to oblique and vice versa. 

Intelligent Automatic Exposure Control (AEC)
Automatic Exposure Control system enables production of images with reliable intensity for any film, screen, or digital radiography. Furthermore, it greatly enhances the convenience of radiography by embedding the Full-AEC function which utilizes Auto kV control. It sets the best diagnosis environment by reducing manual operation and increasing patient throughput. 

Compression with comfort in mind
When pressure is required for Mammography, it allows you to apply appropriate amount of pressure (up to maximum of 20kg) and is equipped with MICOM control's Soft-touch system which minimize the discomfort. 

Automatic Conversion (Filter)
Motorized and manual breast compressions are available for MX-600. MX-600 displays compression level and thickness on main body's panel. 

Stable Output
A molybdenum (0.03mm Mo) and Aluminum (0.5mm Al) filter are installed to absorb unnecessary x-ray. Mo filter covers low level kV range (22-35kV) and Al filter covers high kV range (35-39kV). Mo filter is useful for increasing image contrast in large breast with large amounts of glandular tissue. The rhodium filter (0.025mm Rh) can be installed as an option (as replacement of Al filter). 

Display of Exposure Condition 
When some degree of pressure is required for radiography, it allows you to apply the appropriate pressure (up to a maximum of 20kg) and is equipped with MICOM control's Soft-touch system which is designed to minimize the discomfort of the examine with in the pressure range. 



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