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Manual Override

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In the event of failure of the actuator due to interruptions of compressed air supply, the manual Override assists in operating the actuator or processvalve. Flowbus offers various manual override configurations for all Flowbus pneumatic, hydraulic and electro hydraulic actuators dependent on customer’s requirements and actuator size. The unique designed manual overrides such as jackscrew handwheel or hydraulic pump allows quick and simple operation of the highest torques valves.


Flowbus Manual Override

Flowbus Manual Override  1

FB Series : Declutchable Gear Override

The compact FB declutchable gearbox provides efficient, precise performance for quarter-turn manual override duties. The gearbox is specially designed to offer quick and simple operation of the highest torque valves when the air or power supply fails. High precision, self-locking gears provides safe, positive manual positioning and extend gearbox life. 


Jackscrew Manual Override

A compact jackscrew override is available as an option and offers efficient and precise performance even when the air supply fails. The jackscrew allows the actuator to be manually operated with no loss of torque or decrease in operating speed. Even when operating at maximum speed, the jackscrew is designed to withstand the forces produced without damage to itself or the actuator. 


Hydraulic Manual Override

Flowbus Hydraulic Manual Override is an independent manual override system for EP-Series pneumatic actuator. It is composed of a hydraulic cylinder, pump and oil tank. The hydraulic cylinder can be divided into various types according to the shape and action of the yoke. The specially designed hydraulic override cylinder is installed inside the spring module. This standardized actuator overall length and isolates the hydraulic fluid to eliminate contamination and spillage.


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