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The conventional type dehumidifier has been designed to handle the highest load in summer so that it may work according to time schedule even with humidity, temperature, a low flow rate. Such a dehumidifier could be non-economical because of the on-time switching of the tower with a lot of non-saturated absorption zones to discharge or purge air in accordance with the tower switching. This consumes more energy. 
 On the other hand, the dew point operating system (DPOS) can control it using the dew point sensor in order to greatly reduce operating costs of the air dryer and to be very economical and reliable.  

The control system based on electrical or electronic timer has been unreasonable. The absorption tower has been designed to handle maximum load in summer season, in other words, able to handle temperature of +40℃, humidity of 100% and a flow rate of 110%, which may all vary from time to time depending on the season and factory situation. However, the dryer is unable in taking immediate action against such a change, and it absorbs and regenerates according to specific time: 
 ① Even the tower, which has enough room for absorption, can adsorb small amounts of air at low temperature and humidity, and to switch compulsorily by time and to regenerate. 
 ② Adsorb and regenerate regularly by time to constantly consume air all the time. When regenerating a large amount or small amount of water, consume constant amount of regenerated air, which could be very unreasonable and uneconomical. 
 ③ Do not take action against changes of conditions at the inlet of the dryer in order to change the outlet dew point of the dryer that is very much non-absorptive. 
 ④ One side of the tower may excessively adsorb because of functional disorder when reaching water saturation. In this case, no control can be done.  

The dew point sensor can perceive the breakthrough point (final absorption) of the absorption tower to the switch tower. 
 ① The time to reach absorption breakthrough point may vary depending on the conditions of the air in the inlet, which may include the temperature, humidity and flow rate.
 ② Absorb 100% until reaching breakthrough point in order to prevent unnecessary regeneration and to greatly reduce annual operating expenses (more than 50%).
 ③ Switch the tower at the absorption breakthrough point all the time to constantly keep the inlet dew point of the dryer. 
 ④ Tower switching and collection of DPOS is needed less than that of other systems, so that the switching valve has a longer life. 
 ⑤ Flow rate of 0-100% may be flexible. 
 ⑥ The life of the drying agent shall be more than two times longer because there is no excessive absorption and therefore requires no inspection of desiccant until replacement. 
 ⑦ Unattended running can be done by using the full automatic alarm system.  

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