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Product Name H2 Gas Dryer
Model CDG Series
Series Products
Product Description

A built-in heater is very efficient and economical when using regenerated heat. And, the gas that is used for heating and cooling to remove water is collected so that it may be reused and to prevent any loss of gas. 
 (Regenerated gas consumption: 0%)  

ㆍProduction specification 
Capacity: 1,000 N㎥/HR or less
Dew point: PDP -40℃ to -70℃ or below  

ㆍAdvantages and disadvantages 
Advantage: Has a small installation area and does not consume regenerated air 
Disadvantage: Both cold water and cooling water are required.  

ㆍClosed circuit 
The completely closed piping has no contact with either air or oxygen from the outside. This is good when removing water from various kinds of gases.  

ㆍNo noise 
There is absolutely no noise when the blower is running or discharging. Quiet operation is guaranteed all the time.  

Eunha Air Tech H2 Gas Dryer CDG Series

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