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Product Name Pressure Swing Absorption (Unheated) Type Air Dryer
Model SPS Series
Series Products
Product Description

The dryer is a basic absorption-type air dryer model. It requires neither a heat source nor a regeneration drive to make it run in a minimum space. Instead, it only makes use of a control and power supply only. The pressure absorption type air dryer was manufactured initially to be applied with a dry nitrogen system of both general compressed air and off-gas. Based on customer demand, there is a need to supply dry air at -40℃ or below and to produce products at -70℃ or below. The simple dryer is easy to maintain and to switch the absorbing tower to a 10-minute cycle when drying. It does not fail easily. With no heater at regeneration, the lifespan of the absorption agent is relatively long. (Regeneration air consumption: 12.5 to 15%)  

ㆍProduction specification 
Capacity: 10,000 N㎥/HR or less Dew point: PDP -40℃ to -70℃ or below  

ㆍAdvantages and disadvantages 
Advantages: simplest structure Disadvantages: large air consumption during regeneration  

Eunha Air Tech Pressure Swing Absorption (Unheated) Type Air Dryer SPS Series

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