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Product Name External Heater and Blower Type Air Dryer
Model EH Series
Series Products
Product Description

The external heater and blower type air dryer is similar in mechanical structure and operation with the external heater type (EHNB). The air dryer runs the blower when heating the regeneration of the drying agent in order to produce and supply air to the heater through ducts, as well as to regenerate heated air and send it to the regeneration tower. The air dryer keeps the dehumidifying agent dry and allows a portion of the compressed dry air to cool down dehumidifying agent during the cooling process. As compared with the EHNB type, the air dryer can save energy as much as 50% of compressed dry air at regeneration. (Regenerated air consumption: 0% at heating and 4-5% at cooling).  

ㆍProduction specification 
Capacity: 20,000 N㎥/HR or more
Dew point: PDP -40℃ to -110℃ or below  

ㆍAdvantages and disadvantages 
Advantages: Less regenerated air consumption 
Disadvantages: Structure is a bit complicated, expensive and with a large installation area because of the blower.  

Eunha Air Tech External Heater and Blower Type Air Dryer EH Series

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