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In 1977, Eunha Air Tech established the first domestic plant in Korea for the production of compressed air dryers. Since its founding in 1977, Eunha Air Tech has gone on to produce the highest-quality air dryers and H2 gas dryers in the world, and through continuous development and improvement of technology we have won the recognition of customers as the company offering the best quality. In 1990, Eunha started manufacturing and supplying an ultra-low dew point air dryer (-100℃ or below), becoming the top-ranked manufacturer of compressed air dryers for semiconductor and LCD production.

We at Eunha Air Tech have been continuously investing in our products and developing technology, taking pride in producing the best-quality products while offering customers the guarantee of a four-year mechanical performance warranty. In addition, we have developed an ultra-low dew point (-90℃ or below) non-purge-type regenerative air dryer for energy efficiency, and were the first in the world to operate it successfully. 

With your ongoing patronage and support as our inspiration, Eunha Air Tech is committed to engaging in continuous technological research and development, in order to produce the best quality air dryer products, free of defects. We look forward to designing a future together with you, bolstered by your kind encouragement and constructive feedback.

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