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Product Name Bobbin residue cutting machine
Series Custom Order
Product Description

Process of solving by winding the yarn on the bobbin in the thread of the dyeing process is always necessary steps.

It is always necessary work to be removed to cut the residue remaining on the bobbin. However, in the conventional method, automation was a difficult personnel only possible process.

We bobbin residue cutting machine that was developed is a device to once again use the bobbin cut regardless of the amount of residue using a laser. 1 person will be able to remove that had an existing 10 people of personnel.

There is a sprinkler system for fire prevention, Placing the bobbin in the machine of the conveyor, the work will end Our technology, residue, cut, does not damage the bobbin.



ㆍLaser wavelength  10.6um
ㆍLaser power  100w or 200w
ㆍPower supply  220V single-phase 2.5kw below
ㆍAir  General compressed air 6Bar more
ㆍOperation temperature  Celsius 0 to 45
ㆍConveyor  300mm X 1000mm or 300mm X 1500mm
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