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Product Name Laser Cutting (Only non-metal)
Model EL-1290 LK
Series Laser Cutting
Product Description

(Only non-metal)

EL-1290LK is our main mass-produced products, for several years, to reflect positively the needs of the consumer, the site provides a complete implementation of the functions that are required by. Has a wide processing area (1200x900), it is a non metal-only machine that can be Marking and cutting of non-metallic material It was applied W.A.B.E technology, which is our patent Structure of (ACS Anti Corrosion System) is, it is also possible to protect the machine in harsh work Switching of work between the Cutting Gas Qucik Change of metal and non-metal is easy.

It is possible to select up to CO2 laser tube 80W~200W

All of the products of our company, can be custom-made according to the user's needs and work environment.

E-LASER Laser Cutting (Only non-metal) EL-1290 LK

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