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Doublewin has deep understanding of filter industry.

Your filter is significantly upgraded through our abundant expertise & ceaseless effort in developing innovative technologies.

Doublewin is a professional manufacturer of filter media pleating machine equipment for various filters applied throughout industry.

We promise to meet customers with the best products through ceaseless technology development, precise tooling, and quality verification.

Doublewin, which supplies equipment around the world with a steady sales growth , effort to provides a customized solution that is based on advanced technology.

Doublewin believes that we could grow up as our customers’ business grows. 

To do so, we take responsibility under this belief, and put our best effort in providing products and service beyond the expectation.

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Company Address 42, Daegot-ro 484beon-gil, Wolgot-myeon, Gimpo-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea