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Product Name Single Jacket 40mm
Model DHUS-040
Series Fire Hoses
Product Description

Product No. : DHUS-040 
Model recognition No. : HO16-1 
Technology & Certification : ISO 9001 : 2008 / ISO 14001 : 2004 
Etc :  

The single jacket hose which is built in Polyurthane is light and special features as high resistance against heat registance and coldness and installed in apartment, building and etc. as the indoor hydrant for extinguishing a fire quickly.


* Made in Korea 

DooJin Single Jacket 40mm DHUS-040

※  nonstandard size order production


Polyurethane fire hose produced under a technical tie-up with MANDAL Co.. a well-known fire hose manufacturer with up-dated technology, offers special features as hisgh resistance against pressure, coldness, abrasion enough to use in fire-fighting truck, ship and for other fire extinguish works. 
The jaket of the hose is woven of 100% polyester and nylon threads and the structures of the hose jacket consist of hoop and axial fiber.

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