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Product Name Latex/PU Coating Machine
Model MS Series
Series Automatic Machine & Screen Printing Machine
Product Description

This Latex Coating Machine(PU Coating Machine) is order made, normaly. It means the dimension like as length, width and fuel for heating,
product capa. and so on are depends on requirement.
So, delivery time, price and out standing shapes are differ from each other. The characteristic of Latex Coating Machine is:

> High frequency heat treated chain & gear wheel
> High tensile strength
> High performance of dryness through duct arrangement
> High effency of boiler
> Minimize & Prevent faulty by double gear system application
> Guarantee the product stabilization

> Frequency heat treated chain & gear wheel 
> Stainless steel basin(SUS304) 
> Mold bar zinc coated 
> Glass wool panel & duct system(reduce heat loss) 
> Minimize & Prevent imputity by double gear system application 
> Pure aluminium and PTFE double coating 
> Easy cheching inner status by Aluminium frame & covering 
> Application high performed heat boiler 
> Easy operation by the control pannel 
> Shortern manufacturing time & delivery

DONGSUNG Latex/PU Coating Machine MS Series

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