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Product Name Single Lip – Spring Loaded Seal
Model ALS 8111
Series Specialized Product
Product Description


DONGSUH OIL-SEAL ALS8111-SL-SLS is an oil seal locally developed in cooperation with KOSEP under the joint development as a technical development project through the joint investment by public and private enterprise initiated by Small & Medium Business Administration. The product's reliability has been proved through the feasibility test at the power plant field along with the reliability test conducted by Korea Institute of Machinery & Materials. ALS8111-SL-SLS OIL SEAL is mounted on the grinding roll shaft in pulverizer to prevent the oil inside the roll from leakage and as a sealing product for maintenance to prevent the pulverized coal inside pulverizer from flowing into the grinding roll inside, the product plays the most important role for stable operation and maintenance of the power generation plant.



This standard specifies dimensions and requirements for materials, marking, use and installation of rotaryshaft lip seals used for retaining fluid or grease in unpressurized equipment, or equipment with a lowdifferential pressure, that has rotating shafts.Where seals are intended for use in applications other than those specified in this standard, the sealmanufacturer should be consulted.


Technical Data

Item No. Size(mm/inch) Material
ALS81110-0621 ∅355 ×∅394 × 19.2T / 14“ × 15.5” × 0.75“T HNBR,VITON
ALS81110-3868 ∅419 ×∅451 × 19.2T / 16.5“ × 17.75” × 0.75“T HNBR,VITON


Reliability Test (Korea Institute of Machinery & Materials - KIMM)

Zero-failure test operation has been carried out in cooperation with KIMM. Below picture shows the reliability test instruments manufactured as a technical development project through the joint investment by public and private enterprise in 2013. To guarantee the life span, the calculation is based on the confidence level 95% and life span 26,280 hours (Assurance life span: 3 years) to guarantee. Main failure was the seal wearing and since it is equal to the wearing specified in 'Machinery Failure Analysis and Troubleshooting', a shape parameter [β] 3.0 was quoted.

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