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Product Name Die-Formed Bonnet Gasket
Model ALS 359M
Series Die-Formed Packing & Gasket
Product Description


This is the bonnet exclusive packing compressed and molded by winding the graphite tape for over 99.8% high purity with the mold designed according to the bonnet angle.

The upper and lower cap is fixed with the upper and lower packing to prevent the graphite from crushing, oxidation and leaking.

Service : For use in high pressure, high temperature steam / valve bonnet


Technical Data

Pressure 5000psi (345bar)
Chemical Resistance pH 0 -14
Temperature From -400℉(-240℃) to 800℉(430℃) in air
From -400℉(-240℃) to 5400℉(3000℃) in nonoxidizing
From -400℉(-240℃) to 800℉(650℃) in steam

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