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Since 1980, DongJin Machinery CO., LTD has written Korean history a of Matal cutting and processing technology.

Under our moral "Be Honesty, Faithful and Accurate", DongJin's people do their best to keep a promise with our valued customers. Our PDCF process (Plan-Do-Check-Feedback) helps us to make a better product and a better company.

Starting with "Korean 1st developed Cold Sawing Machine', DCS series, DongJin has developed a various type of compact press, riveting machine, and even a complicated custom-made product. DongJin's reputation has spread not only through the domestic market but through overseas market.

Expert spirit towards world's best and master mind towards perfection is DongJin's promise.  In addition, DongJin's R&D investment for the customers and future is DongJin's competitive power.

DongJin will promise to create a future of Metal Cutting and Processing Machinery Industry with our accumulated experience and knowledge.

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