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As the professional and total foods related processing, wrapping and packaging machinery manufacturing company, we, Dong BANG Machine Co., Ltd., have been manufacturing and producing the horizontal pilow wrapping machines, the vacuum(1 or 2 chamber) packing machines, the band sealers, the semi automatic shrink wrappers and the automatic cup sealers, etc.. since 1993.

Also, we have been participating in many of the most important domestic and international foods and packing equipments and processing equipments exhibition events actively, since 1994. And, our main customers are Lotte Confectionery Co., Ltd.(Korea's No. 1 biggest confectionery company) Haitai Confectionery Co., Ltd., (Korea's the 2nd BiggestConfectionery company) JAEI-LJEDANG CORPORATION.(the biggest Korean Sugar, etc. manufacturing company and Samsung's sister company). DAERIM CORPORATION. (One of Korea's Jaebeol group company), Oyang Corproation (One of the biggest marine foods production company) etc...

And our President, Mr. K. D. Kim has been working in the fields of the packaging industry for more than 15 years as an engineer and he has been accumulating a lots of know-hows and techniques for the last 15 years.

We, Dong Bang Machine, have our own factory and the up-dated manufacturing facilities and secured the excellently well experienced engineers and experts in this foods packaging machinery line industry.

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