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    Molded Case Circuit Breakers
    DB-F Series
    Circuit Breakers for Panel Board

    Product Description

    Dong-A Electric Device Molded Case Circuit Breakers DB-F Series

    Product List

    Molded Case Circuit Breakers

    Molded Case Circuit Breakers (Economic Type)
    DB-Cb/C Series, DB-32Cb, DB33Cb, DB52Cb, DB53Cb, DB54Cb, DB62Cb, DB63Cb, DB64Cb, DB102Cb, DB103Cb, DB104Cb, DB202Cb, DB203Cb, DB204Cb, DB402C, DB403C, DB404C, DB602C, DB603C, DB604C, DB632C, DB633C, DB634C, DB802C, DB803C, DB804C
    Molded Case Circuit Breakers (Standard Type)
    DB-Sb/S Series, DB32Sb, DB33Sb, DB34Sb, DB52Sb, DB53Sb, DB54Sb, DB62Sb, DB63Sb, DB64Sb, DB102Sb, DB103Sb, DB104Sb, DB202Sb, DB203Sb, DB204Sb, DB402Sb, DB403Sb, DB404Sb, DB602S, DB603S, DB604S, DB632S, DB633S, DB634S, DB802S, DB803S, DB804S
    Molded Case Circuit Breakers (High-Breaking Type)
    DB-Hb/H Series, DB32Hb, DB33Hb, DB34Hb, DB52Hb, DB53Hb, DB54Hb, DB102Hb, DB103Hb, DB104Hb, DB202Hb, DB203Hb, DB204Hb, DB402H, DB403H, DB404H
    Molded Case Circuit Breakers (Limitting Type)
    DB-L Series, DB-53L, DB54L, DB103L, DB104L, DB203L, DB204L, DB403L, DB404L, DB603L, DB604L, DB633L, DB634L, DB802L, DB803L, DB804L, DB53La, DB54La, DB103La, DB104La, DB203La, DB204La

    Earth Leakage Breakers

    Earth Leakage Breakers (Standard Type)
    DBE-Sb/S Series, DBE33Sb, DBE52Sb, DBE53Sb, DBE54Sb, DBE63Sb, DBE102Sb, DBE103Sb, DBE104Sb, DBE202Sb, DBE203Sb, DBE204Sb, DBE403S
    Earth Leakage Breakers (High-Breaking Type)
    DBE-Hb/H Series, DB33Hb, DB52Hb, DB53Hb, DB54Hb, DB102Hb, DB103Hb, DB104Hb, DB2020Hb, DB203Hb, DB204Hb, DB403H
    Earth Leakage Breakers (Economic Type)
    DBE-Cb/C Series, DBE32Cb, DBE33Cb, DBE52Cb, DBE53Cb, DBE54Cb, DBE63Cb, DBE102Cb, DBE103Cb, DBE104Cb, DBE202Cb, DBE203Cb, DBE204Cb, DBE403C

    Circuit Breakers for Panel Board

    Molded Case Circuit Breakers
    DBH Series, DBH32b, DBH35bL, DBH32C
    Molded Case Circuit Breakers
    DSB Series, DBS32B32s, DBS32h, DBS33b, DBS33s, DBS33h, DBS34b, DBS34s, DBS34h, DBS52b, DBS52s, DBS52h, DBS53b, DBS53s, DBS53h, DBS54b, DBS54s, DBS54h
    Molded Case Circuit Breakers
    DB-F Series, DB-32F, DB33F, DB52F, DB53F, DB102F, DB103F
    Molded Case Circuit Breakers
    BK Series, BK61, BK62, BK63, BK64
    Earth Leakage Circuit Breakers
    DEH Series, DEH32AL, DEH32Ab, DEH32b
    Earth Leakage Circuit Breakers
    DSE Series, DSE32b, DSE32s, DSE32h, DSE33b, DSE33s, DSE33h, DSE34b, DSE34s, DSE34h, DSE52b, DSE52s, DSE52h, DSE53b, DSE53s, DSE53s, DSE54b, DSE54s, DSE54h
    Earth Leakage Circuit Breakers
    DBE-F Series, DBE32F, DBE33F, DBE52Fb, DBF53F, DBE102Fb, DBE103F
    Panel Board for Streetlight

    Magnetic Contactors and Switches

    Alternating Current Magnetic Contactors
    DM-C Series, DM9C, DM12C, DM18C, DM22C, DM32C, DM40C, DM48C, DM50C, DM65C, DM75C, DM85C, DM100C
    General Magnetic Contactors/Switches
    DMC-b Series, DMC9b, DMC12b, DMC18b, DMC22b, DMC40b, DMC48b, DMC50, DMC65, DMC75, DMC85, DMC100, DMC125, DMC150C, DMC150, DMC180, DMC220
    Auxiliary Relays
    DMC12, DAR(D)4b, DAR(D)6bb, DAR(D)8b
    Apparatus Electronic Contactos
    DMC-A/C Series, DMC20A, DMC25A, DMC32A, DMC20C, DMC25C, DMC32C
    For Single-phase Eletronic Contactors
    DMC-P2 Series, DMC-10P2, DMC-20P2, DMC-25P2, DMC-30P2, DMC-35P2, DMC-40
    Electric Shock-protecting Contactors
    DMP150, DMP250
    Reversible Electronic Contactors / Switches
    DMH10, DMH20
    Auxiliary Contact Units
    DAU2b, DAU2C, DAU4b, DAU4C, DAU2Sb

    Overload Relays

    Thermal Overload Relays
    DTH22b, DTH40, DTH85, DTH220, DTH150, DTH180