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Product Name V86
Series Ball & Plug Valves
Catalog catalog-dk-lok-V86.pdf
Product Description

Pressure Rating up to 689 bar (10,000psig)

2-way on-off Valves
3-way on-off Valves
Working Pressure : 10,000 psig
Stainless Steel and Carbon Steel
DK-Lok 1/4 to 1 in. OD
Pipe thread 1/4 to 1 in.

Brief Description
Blowout proof design with internally loaded stem.
Handle indicates the flow direction.
Positive stop with a robust stop pin.
Positive stop with a robust stop pin.
Various end ports including DK-Lok tube port.
Various flow control with side and bottom inlet port on 3-way diverter valves
Designed to control fluids in full open or full closed position.

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