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Product Name In-Line Pump (Built-in Inverter type)
Model DLP-I
Series Circulation and General Pumping Pump
Catalog DLP-I In-Line Pump.pdf
Product Description

-Discharge amount (m3/min)0.07 ~ 14.4 ㎥/m
-Total pump head (m):6 ~ 50 m
-Temperature (℃) :Max. 90℃
-Number of rotations (RPM) :1750 rpm (4 Pole)
-Caliber (mm) :40 ~ 300 mm



- With the suction mouth and the discharge mouth at the opposite sides, the pump is located on a single line, being able to be installed on horizontal or vertical pipe. 

- The inverter may be attached on motor, or manufactured as single panel (including inverter) type.


- Circulation of heating and cooling system 

- Replacement of the vertical volute pump  

- Liquid transport in the field of pressure, industrial and agricultural fields.  

- Various liquid transport and pressurization


- Guarantee of high efficiency and reliability 

- Shaft seal or impeller may be replaced without separation of pump casing 

- The flow is gradual and the operation is low-noised

- The examination, maintenance and repair of the motor, impeller and shaft are convenient. 

- The product could be installed in either vertical or horizontal form. 

- Dust protection is unnecessary