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Product Name Multi Turbine Pump
Model DMT
Series Pressurized Water Supply and Boiler Water Pumping Pump
Catalog DMT Multi Turbine Pump.pdf
Product Description

-Discharge amount (m3/min)0.15 ~ 6.5 ㎥/m 
-Total pump head (m):24 ~ 210 m 
-Temperature (℃) :90℃
-Number of rotations (RPM) :1450, 1750 rpm (4 Pole)
-Caliber (mm) :40 ~ 150 mm



- Because there is a guide vane, the water is induced stably in impeller rotation movement to convert speed energy effectively to pressure energy, having high efficiency and stable function. 

- The occurrence of turbulence is reduced through guide vane attached within the casing.


- Water supply for apartment and high rise building.

- Fire hydrant and sprinkler of high rise building.

- Water supply for boiler, water-intake, irrigation water

- Drainage of high ground area such as mine.


- There is a guide vane at the outer part of the rotator, enabling high efficiency 

- As high-function pump with sturdy parts, the product may be used for a long time at a place needing high pressure, with small noise 

- The compatibility of the parts is fine with standardized design. 

- The product was designed appropriately according to the pump specifications, preventing overload.