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Product Name Vertical Multi Stage Pump
Model DVT
Series Pressurized Water Supply and Boiler Water Pumping Pump
Catalog DVT Vertical Type & DBS Booster Pump Selection Charts.pdf
Product Description

-Discharge amount (m3/min)MAX. 3㎥/m
-Total pump head (m):MAX. 250m
-Temperature (℃) :MAX. 90℃
-Number of rotations (RPM) :3450 rpm
-Caliber (mm) :MAX. 100mm



- The stainless plate impeller and guide vane (diffuser) grafting the latest fluid technology is made in 3D design method that as the high-efficiency pump providing the optimal liquid fluid, it is a pump guaranteeing 10-15% high efficiency compared to previous horizontal multistage pump. 

- Certified high-efficiency pump = total 97 items


- Water supply for high-rise apartment, officetel, department store, commercial building, hotel, hospital, golf club, industrial facilities and etc. 

- Pump which is used for Booster pump system


- Performance curve

- Through vertical installation product, the installation area was minimized to one-fifth compared to horizontal installations. 

- The 2 pole motor was used to maximize efficiency. 

- Through optimal design, low noise was actualized. 

- The specification of the parts was standardized to enable speedy and simple repairs. 

- KC Certification product (Usable on pipes) 

- Certified high-efficiency pump = total 97 items