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Product Name Built-in inverter type Green Bestech Booster System
Model GBT-M
Series Booster Pump System
Product Description

-Discharge amount (m3/min)MAX. 18㎥/m
-Total pump head (m):MAX. 250m
-Temperature (℃) :MAX. 90℃
-Number of rotations (RPM) :3450 rpm
-Caliber (mm) :MAX. 300mm



- This is a pressurized water maximizing the electricity-saving effect by finding the optimal function point of the pump through control technology moving automatically to the high efficiency point and the controlling technology automatically recognizing the exact function of the pump. 

- “Saves electricity by 13.8% compared to previous products” (based on 320 common households)


- Water supply for high-rise apartment, officetel, department store, commercial building, hotel, hospital, golf club, industrial facilities and etc. 

- Capricious area of water supply quantity and water supply of broad area


- The water supply is stabilized to segment water supply 
- Noise and vibration were minimized to extend the life of water supply machinery  

- The electricity-saving effect of the pump was maximized to collect the early investment costs.  

- In examination of the anticipated electricity-saving effects based on the annual production in terms of eco-friendliness, it has the effect of planting 30-year old trees in 388 soccer fields in carbon footprint evaluation