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Product Name Electricity Type
Model RSE1200
Series Steam Car Washing Machine
Product Description

-"The nation's first" automatic system safety reel installation! 
-Prevention mal-operation as one touch system 
-Shorten preheating time(within 6minutes)
-Possibility of water automatic control when steam spraying
-No breakdown & defect
-Possibility of custome-built according to electricity capacity
-Sustaining steam pressure using for a long time 
-Installation of automatic control power disconnecting device when over presseure
-Acquire a certification of CE
-Movable washing for multipurpose

*include hose,gun
-Possibility of custom-built according to heater capacity

●power: single-phase 220V/380V
●Usage pressure: 8Kg/㎠
●Maximum of pressure: 10Kg/㎠
●Weight :100Kg
●Length of hose : 12m
●standard: 450×700×1200
●Power consumption: 6/18Kw

◎House purpose :housing use (113.80 kWh)
◎General purpose :public use, business use (67.60 kWh)
◎Industrial purpose: mining industry, industrial use(52.70 kWh)
◎Average:  61.18 kWh

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