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Research and development of new thchnology to open up a birghter future.

DT&T is a specialized manufacturer of high-precision testing equipment, such as material testing machines, endurance testing machines or measuring devices.

The quality and technology of our product has been verified in many research institutes, university, public bureau and industry.

Ever since the foundation of company in 1991, we have set tremendous effort on research and development, as a result, we produced constant growth of 15% revenue every year. 
We are exporting various equipments to south-east Asia and enforces advertisement to expand our business in this region. 

The perfectionism of manufacturer, abundant support of company owner for R&D, respect for feedback from consumers, all has cooperatively brought-on impetus to our continual success. DT&T has invested many years for equip-ping self-sufficient hardware and software development-and-production line, and our experienced research personals are capable of approaching any type of consumer demand, whether it is complex or unfamiliar. 

DT&T has built up many years of experience and know-how in manufacturing testing equipments. 
All our members are armed with professionalism and responsibility to produce the best product.
we are working hard to ac-complish same success and fame in overseas market as we achieved in nation.

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