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DAEHUNG HITECH CO.,LTD. has developed rapier weaving loom's spare parts since 1973. We developed successfully rapier grippers and tapes with huge know-how from years of experience. Investment for precision, we developed Industrial Cleaner (Brand Name: Senso), as Traveling Cleaner, Super Vacuum Cleaner and C.V.C. (Central Vacuum Cleaner).

Especially, C.V.C., we make for house service (ex.apartment, home), building (ex.Hospital, dormitory) and industrial. For ventilation, we developed H.R.V. (Heat Recovery Ventilation) to serve clean air and energy conservation. Lately, our new item is oil mist collector known as ZERO MIST (the first none filter oil mist collector in the world).

The Zero Mist can help you inprove sevral things, like working place condition, longer life time for machine and product's quality by cooling down surface of blade and material. We appreciated your cooperations for years, we will  reward with best quality and service.

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