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    Hose & Tube Test System
    Other System

    Product Description

    Product List

    Hyd Cylinder & Tool

    Hydraulic Angle Notching Machine
    APM-75, APM-100, APM-100S, APM-150S
    Flat Jack
    FJ-10, FJ-20, FJ-30, FJ-50, FJ-75, FJ-100, FJS-10, FJS-30, FJS-100, FJS-150, FJS-100H, FJS-150H, FJS-200H, FJS-200AHL
    Hydraulic Angle Cutters
    AC-75, AC-100, AC-150, PC-100
    Single-Acting Cylinder
    Double-Acting Cylinder
    Aluminum Cylinder
    Pulling Jacks
    PJ-106, PJ-206, PJ-306, PJA-306, PJA-308, PJA-506, PJA-508
    Center Hole Cylinders
    CHR-121, CHR-202, CHR-303, CHR-504, CHR-606, CHR-1004, CHR-1506, CHR-1010, CHR-3010, CHR-5012, CHR-1008, CHR-10012
    Hydraulic Pipe Bender
    PB-50, PB-50D, PD-80, PD-80D, PD-100, PD-100D
    Hydraulic Punch
    HPU-2010.S, HPU-2010, HPU-2412, HPU-2416, HPU-2416A, HPU-2420, HPU-3120, HPU-2424
    Lock Nut Cylinders
    LNR-308, LNR-508, LNR-754, LNR-758, LNR-10010, LNR-15010, LNR-2006, LNR-20010, LNR-3003, LNRD-20012, LNRD-3006, LNRD-40012, LNRD-50012

    Elec Pump & Head Pump

    AM-21, AM-41, M-21, M-41
    Pressure Gauge
    Water Hand Pumps
    WP-100, WP-300, WP-500, WP-700, WP-1000, P11-400
    Water Hand Pumps
    WP-100, WP-300, WP-500, WP-700, WP-1000, P11-400
    1/2 HP Electric Pumps
    UP-45SV-O, UP-45SV-4, UP-45SV-1, UP-45SV-7, UP-45SV-8SP, UP-45SV-8WP, UP-45SV-8R, UP-45SV-8H, UP-45SV-8A
    1/3 HP Electric Pumps
    UP-35RH-1MB, UP-35RH-NC, UP-35RH-NO, UP-35RH-IN, UP-35RH-4M
    Economy Electric Pumps
    MP-05S, MP-05D, MP-05DP, MP-05M, MP-10S, MP-10D, MP-10DP, MP-10M, MP-20S, MP-20D, MP-20DP, MP-20M, MP-30S, MP-30D, MP-30DP, MP-30M, MP-50S, MP-50D, MP-50DP, MP-50M, MP-30M, MP-50M
    Hydraulic Hand Pumps
    HP-16B, HP-1B, HP-2A, HP-3B, AHP-1B, AHP-2A, AHP-2B, AHP-3A, HHP-1B, HHP-2A, HP, EPA-702, HP-2AM, AHP-3AM

    Strand Jack & Heavy Lifting System

    Mono-strand Stressing Tool
    PTJ5S, PTJ5P, 5DA1-AL, 5DA1, SCI, PTJ6S, PTJ6P, 6DA1
    Hilman Rollers
    Heavy Lifting Systems
    ZG5 Series
    Heavy Lifting Systems (Weighing)
    EVO Series
    Pad-eye (Lug) Load Test Jig
    PEL-05, PEL-10, PEL-20, PEL-30, PEL-55, HSM-700 SERIES
    Multi-strand Stressing Tool
    MJ-100250-7H, MJ-200150-7H, MJ-500150-22H,
    Strand Jack Systems
    HSL300, HSL700, HSL2000, HSL3000, HSL5000, HSL450, HSL600, HSL1000, HSL2000, HSL3000, HSL4500, HSL6500, HSL8500, HSL10000
    Transheild Special
    Heavy Lifting Systems (Load-out)
    SL60, SL125, SBL500, SBL1000, SBL1100, SPMT600
    Under Pinning System for KTX Bridge (UPS System)

    Bolt Tensioner

    2 Stage Type
    HBT42, HBT48, HBT52
    Hydraulic Nut
    HN39, HN48, HN52, HN56, HN60, HN64, HN68, HN72, HN76, HN80, HN85, HN90, HN95, HN100, HN110, HN120, HN130, HHN
    High Pressure Pump
    HPP-1B, HPP-2A, P-2282, HHP-1500, HHP-2000, HHP-3000, HHP-4000, HHP-5000, HHP-1200P, HHP-1500P, HHP-2000P, HMP-20M, HMP-30M, HMP-50M, HMP-2000S, HMP-2000, HMP-2500, HMP-3000B
    Bolt Tensioner
    BTM-01, BTM-02, BTM-03, BTM-04, BTM-05, BTM-06, BTM-07, BTM-08, BTM-09, BTM-10
    Bolt Tensioner
    BTS-01, BTS-02, BTS-03, BTS-04, BTS-05, BTS-06, BTS-07, BTS-08, BTS-09, BTS-10, BTS-11
    2 Stage Type
    2BT30, 2BT33, 2BT36, 2BT39, 2BT42, 2BT48, 2BT56, 2BT64
    Bolt Tensioner
    BT-01, BT-02, BT-03, BT-04, BT-05, BT-06

    Torque Wrench

    Back-up Wrench
    HYTORC Electric Torque Wrench
    JETPRO-S-230, JET STREAM 230A, HY-230, HY-AIR
    Hammertight Slugging Wrench Retainers
    JWEL Battery Torque Wrench
    TQS-065, TQS-095, TQS-130, TQS-220, TQS-300, TQS-400, TQWS-095, TQWS-130, TQWS-220, TQWS-300, TQWS-400
    JWEL Electric Torque Wrench
    TES-245, TES-355, TES-505, TES-605, TES-905, TES-1205, TESL-245, TESL-355, TESL-505, TESL-605, TESL-905, TESL-1205, TEWS-245, TEWS-355, TEWS-505, TEWS-605, TEWS-905, TEWS-1205, TEWSL-245, TEWSL-355, TEWSL-505, TEWSL-605, TEWSL-905, TEWSL-1205
    HYTORC Pneumatic Torque Wrench
    J-A5-AP, J-A1-AP, J-A1-AP-WG, J-A3-AP
    HYTORC Pneumatic Torque Wrench
    HYTORC Hydraulic Torque Wrench
    XLCT-2, XLCT-4, XLCT-8, XLCT-14, XLCT-18, XLCT-30
    HYTORC Hydraulic Torque Wrench
    AV-7, AV-1, AV-3, AV-5, AV-8, AV-10, AV-35, AV-50, AV-80, AV-130
    HYTORC Battery Torque Wrench
    BTM-0700, BTM-1000, BTM-2000
    HYTORC Pneumatic Torque Wrench
    J-25, J-5, J-1, J-3, J-8
    HYTORC Field Check
    FC-1, FC-2, FC-5, FC-10, FC-18
    HYTORC Electric Torque Wrench
    HYTORC Pneumatic Torque Wrench
    HYTORC Hydraulic Torque Wrench
    MXT-7, MXT-1, MXT-3, MXT-5, MXT-10, MXT-15, MXT-20, MXT-35
    HYTORC Hydraulic Torque Wrench
    ST-2, ST-4, ST-8, ST-14, ST-22, ST-36
    HYTORC Hydraulic Torque Wrench
    ICE-1, ICE-3, ICE-5, ICE-11, ICE-21, ICE-35

    Shear Wrench & NutRunner

    Electric Nut Runner
    DNR-03T, DNR-05T, DNR-08T, DNR-12T, DNR-17T, DNR-21T, DNR-25T
    Electric Shear Wrench
    DSR-05TC, DSR-20EC, DSR-22EC, DSR-24EC, DSR-20E, DSR-22E, DSR-24E, DSR-27E, DSR-30E

    Liquid Pump & Gas Booster

    Air Driven Pump
    3L-SS-8, 3L-SS-14, 3L-SS-25, 3L-SS-41, 3L-SS-81, 3L-SS-125, 3L-SS-220, 5L-SS-10, 5L-SS-15, 5L-SS-30, 5L-SS-45, 5L-SS-60, 5L-SS-115, 5L-SS-150, 5L-SS-205, 5L-SS-300, 5L-SS-450, 5L-SD-20, 5L-SD-30, 5L-SD-60, 5L-SD-90, 5L-SD-120, 5L-SD-230, 5L-SD-300, 5L-SD-410, 5L-SD-600, 5L-ST-900, 5L-DS-4, 5L-DD- 20, 5L-DD-30, 5L-DD-60, 5L-DD-90, 5L-DD-120, 5L-DD-230, 5L-DD-300, 5L-DD-410, 5L-DD-600, 7L-DS-7
    Gas Booster System
    Special Gas Compression
    Liquid & Manifold Test System
    150,000PSI Pumping System
    Air Driven Air Booster
    SA-DS-2, SA-DS-5
    Low Pressure, High Flow, Oil-free Gas Booster
    7G-DS-7, 7G-TS-7, 7A-DS-8, 7LG-TS-4, 5LG-TS-4
    Compact Electric Driven Gas Booster
    2G-730, 2G-750, 2G-1430, 2G-1450, 2G-3050, 2G-5092, 2G-3030, 2G-5050
    Air Driven Gas Booster
    5G-SS-7, 5G-SS-14, 5G-SS-30, 5G-SS-50, 5G-SS-75, 5G-SD-60, 5G-SD-100, 5G-SD-150, 5G-DS-4, 5G-DS-7, 5G-DS-14, 5G-DS-30, 5G-DS-50, 5G-DS-75, 5G-DD-14, 5G-DD-28, 5G-DD-60, 5G-DD-10, 5G-DD-150, 5G-TS-4, 5G-TS-7/14, 5G-TS-7/30, 5G-TS-14/30, 5G-TS-14/50, 5G-TS-17/75, 5G-TS-30/50, 5G-TS-30/75, 5G-TS-30/92, 5G-TS-30/92, 5G-TD-14/28, 5G-TD-14/60, 5G-TD-28/60, 5G-TD-28/100, 5G-TD-28/150

    HP Component

    High Pressure Components
    High Pressure Valves
    Actuator Valves

    HP Plunger Pump

    Plunger Pump Unit (Up to 3,500bar)
    Hydraulic Pressure Pump Unit
    Plunger Pump Unit (Up to 1,500bar)

    Valve Test Bench

    Valve Test System (Vertical & Horizontal)
    PSV Valve Test System

    Depense & Military System

    Depense / Avaition / Aerospace
    Depense & Military System

    Hydraulic System

    Hydraulic System

    Other System

    Hose & Tube Test System
    Cylinder & Bottle Test Equipment
    Other Equipment
    External Pressure Test System
    Stretch Test System & Others