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  • Chungang Machinery

    CA-Dryer Section
    Paper Making Machine

    Product Description

    Chungang Machinery CA-Dryer Section

    Our dryer cylinder is manufactured under strict supervision regarding structure and materials, while it is designed using technology that has been accumulated though the years.Though the standard diameter of the dryer cylinder is 1524mm-1538mm, it can be manufactured up to 3660mm, depending on the customer's specification. The pressure of cylinders varying from 1kg/㎠ ~ 10kg/㎠ can be manufactured, covering almost all sizes. The dryer cylinders have centralized oil-collecting devices that can with stand high- speed operations up to 37,600 hours. The device make the oil flow through the machine so that it can reduce the bearing's wear and tear. The machine's excellent drying capacity raises productivity greatly. 

    Product List

    Paper Making Machine

    CA-L.N Press Section
    CA-Head Box
    CA-Dryer Section
    CA-Wire Section
    CA-Short Wire Section
    Driving System Section
    CA-Size Press & Gloss Calender Section
    CA-On Top Wire Section
    CA-Compact Wire Section
    CA-Calender Section
    CA-Ultra Former Section
    CA-Pope Reel Section
    Automatic Spool Loading
    CA-Easy Former Section
    CA-Re Winder Section
    CA-Press Section
    CA-NC Slitter Section
    Sensor Tension Controller

    Formaking Paper Machine

    PS Pulper
    High Density Cleaner
    Pre Finer
    Turbo Separator
    CA22 Type 3F Screen
    CA37 Type 3F Screen
    Double Disc Deflaker
    Screw Thickener
    PS and PH Screen
    FN Screen
    Double Disc Refiner
    Vertical Screen
    CA B-600/800/1000
    Reject Separator
    Vibrating Screen
    Super Clone