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Shin Heung specializes in bookbinding machines used for mass production of books, notes, sketchbooks, documents, and others.

Which method does your company use for this operation?

There are one-ring, twin-ring, and other types of bookbinding. Shin Heung manufactures and supplies machines for spiral one-ring, twin-ring, plastic, and much more.

We also provide customized equipments with self-design and manufacturing. Our technology development team ensures that we provide superior equipments to the customers.

Shin Heung also exports to various countries including U.S.A, Mexico, Brazil, South Africa, Thailand, Indonesia, and Vietnam. Shin Heung is in the process to widen its market across the globe.

Shin-Heung manages all its production processes related to monthly publications,  calendars, catalogs, and so on with an advanced resource management system and constant quality improvement Shin-Heung has a goal to establish the quality management system through continuous up-to-date equipment in order to produce high quality products based on the stabilized production structure.

Shin Heung will stay as the leader of its industry in 21st century. Shin Heung promises to put its best effort in profiting the customers and in a bigger scale, will remain as a reliable company for the country’s economic development.

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