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Product Name Air Clutch Type
Model BCP-A Series
Series Power Press
Product Description


 1.Type Approved by KOSHA(Korea Occupational Safety & Health 
  2.Dry type combination air friction clutchbrake type,
     pneumatic contolled
  3.Castiron made frame high strength basic of the accurate
  4."V - Type long guide" slide for maintaining high precision
  5.Reliable stability with heat treated connecting screw, etc.
  6.Main control panel
   *Anti-repeat function
   *Inching/one cycle/continuous mode selection
   *Source ON-OFF, motor START-STOP
   *Electric leakage protection
   *Motor overload protection
   *Emergency stop
   *Total counter
  7.Both hands operation panel
   *Similtaneous operation function within 0.5 second
   *Emergency stop
   *Continuous stop
  8.Safety beamsensors
  9.Flywheel safety cover
 10.Crank angle indicator
 11.Centralized forced lubrication by manual type oil pump for
      over 45 tons capacity.Oil cock lubrication by portable oil pot
       for below 45 tons capacity.
 12.Electric safety foot switch with cord and jack
 13.Very low noise system
 14.Anti-public nuisance design 


Bochang Press Air Clutch Type BCP-A Series

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