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    Er:YAG and CO2 Laser

    Product Description

    ◆ The world first Combo Laser system for Er:YAG and CO2 Lasers

    • The world best scar treatment laser system

    • The world first online system management

    • Advanced scar treatment knowhow

    ◆ Fouri?

    Only the Fouri System provides access to both ablative wavelengths most often used for laser skin resurfacing: CO2 for deep, effective resurfacing with remarkable outcomes, and Erbium YAG for superficial resurfacing, an effective alternative to peels. No other system provides the flexibility of treating patients using CO2, Erbium or both.

    ◆ Main Features

    • No disposables

    • Convenient Treatment handling

    • Flexible delivery of energy and treatment options

    • Versatile handpiece with fractional treatment modality

    • Surgical capability

    • Fractional capability (Optional)

    • The highest speed repetition: 10Hz/s laser output

    ◆ Indications

    • Blue peeling

    • Pigmentation

    • Various scars

    • Syringoma

    • Wart

    • Mole

    • Rejuvenations

    BLUECORE COMPANY Er:YAG and CO2 Laser Fouri

    Facial Rejuvenation with a Superficial Er: YAG Laser Treatments.

    Fouri Soft Peel Laser is a new Laser peel technique of an effective and safe tool for wrinkles, large pores and facial rejuvenation. with a superficial treatment, resolution of intense erythema is fairly rapid, averaging one or two days with minima/ downtime and minimized risk/no side effect using less or no topical anesthesia.

    • Fine peel handpiece (2940nm)

    • Non-ablative (2940nm)

    • Handy design

    • No or little down time

    • No or little PIH possibility

    • Multiple fractional treatments with CO2

    BLUECORE COMPANY Er:YAG and CO2 Laser Fouri 1

    The World First Combo Laser Wystem for Er:YAG and CO2 Lasers

    • 1.2 J Er:YAG

    • 30W Metal RF tube CO2

    BLUECORE COMPANY Er:YAG and CO2 Laser Fouri 2

    Convenient Treatment Handling

    BLUECORE COMPANY Er:YAG and CO2 Laser Fouri 3

    Multi Mode

    Unlike other machine, Fouri support high quality laser source from Er:Yag and CO2 at a same way. It gives the convenient treatment for skin rejuvenation and scar treatment without or less side effects.

    BLUECORE COMPANY Er:YAG and CO2 Laser Fouri 4

    Single Mode

    For soft peeling, the spot size should be fixed. The single mode is for fixing a spot size for one treatment.

    Cover All Types of Scar with Two Lasers

    BLUECORE COMPANY Er:YAG and CO2 Laser Fouri 5

    BLUECORE COMPANY Er:YAG and CO2 Laser Fouri 6

    User Friendly Design

    • 2 in 1 / Superficial fractional scanner

    • For both Lasers (CO2 and Er:YAG)

    • High speed with scanning type

    BLUECORE COMPANY Er:YAG and CO2 Laser Fouri 7

    Type of LaserEr:YAG & CO2 (RFTube)
    WavelengthEr:YAG: 2940nm / CO2: 10600nm
    Operating ModeErbiumCO2Fouri
    Energy Max1.2]30W1.2]=30W
    Pulse Width[us]30070~860300Level 1~5
    Auto Spot[mm]0.5~7=0.5~70.5~2
    Pulse Rate[Hz],
    Display10.2" wide panel with smart jog dial handle
    Basic PartAuto zooming handpiece, Blue peeling handpiece (stamp type: 7mm)
    Optional PartScanner(290nm,10.6us)-Additional internal interface
    Multiple factional scanner (Er:YAG&CO2)
    MemoryProgrammable quick indications, 10 memories, auto backup & restore
    Noise Level50dB (Patent cooling system)
    Aiming BeamDiode 650m(Red), 5mW adjustable brightness
    Electrical Requirements220~230VAC, 15A, 50Hz or 60Hz
    Dimensions (mm) / Weight290(W) * 770(L) * 880(H), 75Kg

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