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ECG + Spirometer

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BIONET Electrocardiograph + Spirometer CardioXP-S

[Superior Advantages]

   •   12Ch resting ECG & pulmonary function test 

   •   7” wide & clear color TFT LCD screen(800X480) with 12ch preview

   •   Full Touch screen operation

   •   Diagnosis level from adult to pediatric (All ages)

   •   One touch operation for analyzing, storing and printing result within 3 seconds

   •   Long term ECG recording for up to 10 minutes & Automatic arrhythmia detection

   •   USB Barcode Scanner & USB Memory Storage

   •   HRV(Heart Rate variability) Analysis

   •   Preview function before printing paper

   •   Z-folder printer to avoid paper jam

   •   80 cases of data are stored by built-in memory & easy to extend via external SD or USB memory

   •   Compatible with PACS and EMR directly(Optional)

* ECG *

Extendible functions

  - Built-in memory for data storage (80 cases) & external memory (SD Card, USB) 

High-performance Measurement

  - 12Ch resting ECG with 130kinds diagnosis

  - Accurate interpretation with advanced Minnesota code

  - Professional diagnosis with special interpretation report

  - Lead fault & pacemaker detection

  - Professional diagnosis with special interpretation report (Optional)

Enhanced Data Management

  - 80 cases of data are stored by built-in memory & easy to extend via external SD or USB memory

  - Comfortable upgrade with USB memory

  - Network Setting - Dynamic IP Support

  - Compatible with PACS and EMR directly (Optional) via DICOM, XML, PDF, JPG, MFER protocol


* Spirometer *

User Convenience

  - A4 size chart paper with reference graph

  - No cleaning or sterilization with disposable mouthpiece

High-performance Measurement

  - FVC (Forced Vital Capacity), SVC (Slow Vital Capacity), MVV (Maximum voluntary ventilation) test

  - PRE-POST bronchodilator comparison

  - Diverse formula: Morris/Polgar, Knudson/ITS, ECCS/Quanjer, Perelra, Korea CJK

  - Automatic selection of the best results

Enhanced Data Management

  - Connection to data Management software BMS-Plus

* Li-ion rechargeable battery allows cordless use for up to 2 hours (approx. 200 ECG printouts)

“This product is medical device, when using this product, please follow the instructions & Operation manual carefully.
“Advertising approval : 2013-I10-03-1214" 




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