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Product Name Sweep angle valve
Model TA-Series
Series Products
Product Description

BFS Co., Ltd. Sweep angle valve TA-Series  BFS Co., Ltd. Sweep angle valve TA-Series 1

Tank Mount Control Valves / Sweep Angle Valves 

TA-series tank mount control valves, the unique sweep angle valves, are backed by over 30 years of control valve engineering and experience of BFS and are used in a veriety of application for reactor or crystalizer tanks. (TA. PTA Plants)

The TA-series sweep angle valves were designed primarily for use in level control applications with corrosive or viscoous fluids prevalent in the chemical industry. These valves have been extensively applied in licensee processes of the terephthallic acid and other volatile chemicals.

The plug seat is flush with the end of the seat ring and inside the tank shell. When stroked, the valve can break through a layer of solids, allowing the tank to fill or drain.

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