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Product Name Thermal Mass Flow Sensor
Model VA420
Series Thermal Mass Flow Sensor
Catalog Thermal Mass Flow Sensor.pdf
Product Description

VA 420 thermal mass flow sensor

The affordable flow meter for compressed air and gases

▶ Intelligent solution for accurate flow measurement for compressed air and gases

The new affordable flow meters VA 420 work according to the approved thermal mass flow principle. As a result, actual mass flow or standard volumetric flow is measured and displayed without the need of temperature or pressure compensation. VA420 is available with and without display.

Due to the compact design of VA 420 it is possible to monitor all compressed air systems from the compressor to the smallest compressed air tool(DN 15 to DN 50) in terms of flow rate and consumption.

For larger pipe diameters (DN 50 to DN300) an insertion type flow meter VA 400 is available. Apart from compressed air also other gases like N, O, Ar, N, and CO, can be measured. The installation of the flow meters VA 420 can be done easily and quickly. A special advantage is the removable measuring device. The measuring device can be demounted quickly and easily for calibration purposes without removing the complete measuring section.


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