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Product Name
Model K700 Series
Series Door Closer
Product Description

K700 Series are designed for wide range of applications. Proved by market, the ANSI/BHMA Grade 1 certified product guarantee the quality.



ㆍ Aluminum Alloy Body
ㆍ Rack-and-pinion design
ㆍ Non-handed
ㆍ Fixed Power: 2/3/4/5
ㆍ Adjustable power : size 2~5 or BF-4 or 1-6
ㆍ Tri-packed for regular arm, top jamb and
ㆍ parallel arm mounting
ㆍ Independent latch and sweep


Optional Features

ㆍ Delayed action
ㆍ Hold open
ㆍ Molded cover
ㆍ Back check



ㆍ ANSI/BHMA A156.4, Grade1 certified
ㆍ UL listed
ㆍ ADA compliant (BF-4)


Normal Fixed/Adjustable Sized Closers

Standard Installation W x H of Door (mm) Weight of Door (kg) Body Size (mm)
K720 800 x 2100 25~45 46 x 204 x 70
K730 950 x 2100 40~65 46.3 x 226 x 70.3
K740 1050 x 2400 60~85 46.3 x 226 x 70.3
K750 1200 x 2400 80~120
K70 Adjustable power 2 - 5 / BF - 4 / 1 - 6


Cross Reference

Model 300 7400 SC60 5300 QDC300 1260 1600 3100 1130



ㆍAluminum Alloy Body

Closer bodies are constructed of special aluminum alloy, carefully selected to accommodate interactive steel component and operation conditions.

ㆍRack & Pinion Operation

Provides a smooth constant control of the door through its full opening and closing cycle. 180˚.door swing can be achieved when door, frame, hardware and arm function do not interfere


With few exceptions all series K900 door closers are non-handed and can be installed on either right or left hand swing doors. Pinion shaft extends vertically through the closer body in both directions.

ㆍSweep Speed Control Valve

Allows adjustment of door speed from the door's full open position down to approximately 10˚ from the closed position.

ㆍLatch Speed Control Valve

Allows adjustment of door speed from approximately 10˚ down to the door's fully closed position.

ㆍCompliance Standards

ANSI/BHMA A156.4, Grade1 certified.
UL listed.


K900 series come with screws, brackets and soffit plates to allow for regular, top jamb, and parallel arm installations.

ㆍAdjustable Back-check Valve

Provides control of the door in the opening cycle, beginning at approximately 75˚ of door opening. it cushions the door opening when the door is forcibly opened beyond its pre-adjusted limits.

ㆍMulti-Sized Door Closer

Adjustable through the power range of sizes 1 through 6. The series K900 also confirms to the minimum opening force requirements of the ADA and ANSI/BHMA standard A117.1 for interior doors.



ㆍ ANSI/BMHA A156.4 , Grade 1 certified
ㆍ UL /cUL listed
ㆍ UL10C listed for positive pressure fire test
ㆍ K700BF (BF-4) model is designed to comply with requirements for the Americans with Disability Act (A.D.A) and ANSI standard A117.1



ㆍAdjustable Delayed Action Closing

An optional hydraulic feature that add a third speed range to closing cycle. This feature becomes effective when the door is opened and released at any point beyond 70˚. The amount of time delay depends upon the combination of the angle of door released and valve adjustment. The valve can be adjusted with 4mm hex key from no delay time up to maximum delay times of :

Door opened Approximate Time of Delay Cycle
180˚ 4~5 minutes
120˚ 2~3 minutes
90˚ 25~30 seconds


Sam Hwa Precision  K700 Series

ㆍPressure Relief Safety Valve

The delayed action hydraulic system contains a pressure relief valve. Any time the door is forced toward the closed direction while it is in the closing cycle, the valve will open and permit the door to close. This prevents damage to door, frame and closer.

ㆍSuggested Application

Delayed action closing allows slow-moving traffic to clear the opening before the door closer's normal closing cycle begins. This feature can be helpful in health care facilities such as hospitals and nursing homes. It provides sufficient time for persons on crutches or in wheelchairs to pass through a door without concern of closing. At the same time, it can accommodate the facility's staff with movement of food service carts, bed, and other wheeled traffic.
Use of delayed action closers on many doors throughout industrial and commercial buildings can also assist the flow of traffic. Locations where additional time to clear the opening is advantageous are doors between office, doors to workshops or laboratories, kitchens and food processing area.

ㆍNon-Hold Open

Self-closes door every time door is opened.
Auxiliary stop (by others) required.

Model Spring sizes Door Weight
K700 2 - 5 / 1 - 6 15 - 120Kg
K700BF BF - 4 15 - 85Kg

ㆍHold Open

Achieved by means of friction or ball and detent / roller. Friction hold open has a range of 90º to 180º using a template location and mechanical adjustment.
Hold open arm door closers are not permitted to be use on fire door assemblies.

Sam Hwa Precision  K700 Series 1